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How frequent should you replace oil filters?

Car maintenance is one of the crucial responsibility of any car owner. This makes sure that your car runs at optimal conditions and extends its life for as long as possible. But with a lot of components, there are parts that often get overlooked. One of these is the oil filter⁠, like these ones from

Why change filters at all?

Oil filters play a huge role in keeping your engine in good condition. They prevent debris and particles from entering the engine and causing significant damage. The filtration process works on a simple mechanism.

Inside is a paper element that does the actual filtration. This paper element traps unwanted particles as the oil passes through, kind of like how coffee filters work. The oil is pumped inside by the oil pump through an inlet with a valve that prevents backflow. The now filtered oil is then pushed out of the chamber towards the engine.

When the paper element fills up with debris, it gets clogged which makes it harder for the oil to flow. To ensure that the engine still gets oil, filters have what is called a relief valve. This lets oil flow towards the engine, however, this means that the oil is no longer filtered. That is why you need to regularly change filters to avoid getting particles inside the engine. Oil filters⁠, like the ones you can buy here Western Filters⁠, differ from one car manufacturer to another so be sure to get the correct filter for your vehicle.

When to change oil filters?

Because of how filters are made, there are no direct means to know if the filters are clogged other than taking them apart. There are also no light indicators that light up when the filters need changing. But even though you can’t exactly know when a filter gets fully clogged, there are simple guidelines when to change filters.

– Every oil change

A good rule of thumb is to change filters when you do your regular oil change. However, there has been no general conses as to whether this change should be every oil change or every other oil change. This is down to the fact that all vehicles are different and go through wear and tear at different rates. But most independent mechanics recommend changing oil filters every oil change. This ensures that the fresh oil in the system does not flow through dirty filters. read more

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Identifying Hazardous Substances At Home, In School and Workplace

Hazards could be present everywhere even in at home, in academic institutions, in the workplace especially in an environment that stores chemical substances. Hazard is the potential to cause harm and all hazards are defined, classified and indicated in SDS or Safety Data Sheets by the Globally Harmonized System. Visiting links like will help you assess the risks of Hazards in Australia. Click here

Hazards Present At Home

Most people keep in store a wide array of chemicals, chemical tanks or compressed gases. These could be chemical substances with acute toxicity like chlorine for the indoor pool and pesticides for the backyard garden. Accidental or voluntary consumption of these substances will be fatal.

Here are some other chemical substances or hazards that can be found at home:

1. Flammable substances or products – they are mostly found in body spray bottles that hold compressed gases that means the contents are under pressure and any exposure to heat or high temperature will cause it to explode.

2. Corrosive – these are household cleaners, rust removers, drain cleaners and other items that tend to cause irritation on the skin. It will cause a burning or stinging sensation.

3.Electrical Hazards – this could be the broken wall socket or the hanging wire from the ceiling that has the potential to electrocute or explode, causing a flash burn, thermal burn or blast injury.

Aussies, if you want to know what hazards are present inside your home, you can check out the link:

Hazards inside Academic Institutions

Many schools have a chemical laboratory that students can work on. Students should develop a safety ethic by having a good and applied knowledge of the basic principles and procedures of laboratory safety. For example, wearing a Personal Protective Equipment when doing a complex chemical experiment. See more here backyard garden

These are some chemical substances that pose a risk to students in a chemical laboratory in school: read more

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What you need to know about scissor lifts before hiring one

Choosing the correct equipment for your construction project is a must. It doesn’t just help finish the project on time. It can also save lives. For example, a scissor lift is a more stable and safer option than ladders. It enables workers to reach and raise their tools at a certain height that could not be reached using a ladder. This allows them to perform their duties with ease.

However, scissor lifts are quite expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy one. Most people choose to hire a scissor lift for the duration of their construction project. And, so can you. Just make sure that you hire from a reputable company, like

But before you hire one, here are some things you need to know about scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts have a large platform

Scissor lifts have relatively large platforms, meaning they can accommodate several workers at the same time and all their equipment with ease. Aside from that, they are also completely free-standing. This means workers are able to reach a wider expanse of ceiling or wall without having to reposition the unit, which is hard to do with ladders. This also helps them save time. However, do make sure that you measure the job area before hiring a scissor lift to make sure that the unit will fit in it.

Lifting capacity and height vary from model to model

Depending on the model of the unit, scissor lift platforms can carry the weight of two or four workers and their tools. The reach can also be anywhere between two to 18 metres high. The workers may also pause the lift at different heights, allowing them to work as they make their way up or down a wall. Do make sure to check the lift capacity of the scissor lift before hiring one.

The experts at Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire can help you choose the best one that will suit your needs. However, you may still need more than one machine if you have more tools and workers than one equipment can carry. read more

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Workplace waste management: Do you believe these wrong ideas?

In Australia alone, workplaces produce tonnes of waste each year, so it makes perfect sense to buy garbage bins for sale. You can put these bins to better work, though, once you correct these common misconceptions:

  1. All plastics are the same

Plastics account for a significant portion of waste in Australia (and anywhere else in the world), but not all of them are good for recycling.

There are many types of plastic, but two of their primary categories are soft and hard. The soft ones are those you can form into a ball. Think about food packets, single-use plastics, and cereal bags.

The hard plastic, on the other hand, is stiff and is therefore the preferred material for liquid containers, such as water jugs and bottles.

Between the two, only hard plastics can end up in kerbside recycling facilities. Soft plastic is not advisable for these facilities as it may only damage the machinery once it gets caught.

The best thing to do is to avoid soft plastic, but if you can’t, then invest in recycle bins for sale specifically for them.

  1. A workplace doesn’t need waste management

Workplace waste is not only enormous, but it can cost businesses a lot of money. According to reports, enterprises ended up spending billions of dollars for waste services in 2017 alone!

That’s not all. Depending on the territory or council you operate, there may be penalties and fines for environmental non-compliance. The same thing goes if your rubbish ends up in the wrong places even if it’s not your fault. Click here Ecobin

Waste management policies can be complex, including having to create waste disposal teams. The simplest step to begin its implementation is using any commercial bin for sale.

Companies, such as Ecobin, produce baskets that are already colour-coded for more convenient sorting.

  1. Any bin will do for your rubbish

You can make anything into a rubbish bin, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be compliant or ideal. The more appropriate garbage bins for sale are those that are sustainable.

It means manufacturers produce them with fewer resources, such as water and electricity. They may also be compostable, but are still hard enough to work like plastic baskets. There may also be size requirements for kerbside waste collection. read more

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Don’t Risk It: Have Enough First Aid Supplies

The thing about health is that everyone takes it for granted until it’s gone.  One day you’re living a day to day routine, living life in a utopic bliss, and suddenly without warning, you, a loved one, guest, or patron is clinging to life, battling any number of unforeseen ailments.  These ailments can range anywhere from a heart attack to a simple laceration. No one can foresee the myriad of possible emergencies that can befall any unsusceptible pedestrian. But if you’re the lead in any organised gathering or just a responsible family member, you want to ensure the safety of everyone present. This can be an arduous task, but not necessarily so when there are First Aid Kits for sale and delivered to your doorstep!

You may happen to be a project coordinator planning a large-scale event, you may be a host for your visiting family, or you might even be hosting a party for whatever reason…but suddenly, a patron has been burned by the barbecue, has stopped breathing, suffered from a heart attack, or has somehow punctured an eye or become inexplicably sliced open by some innocuous material in an event that can only be related to Occam’s Razor. What is Occam’s Razor?  Who cares?  Someone is seriously injured or clinging to life, and it’s time to jump into action! Your guest, family member, or patron has an injury that requires immediate attention! You rush forward to help, as any good community member would do, but…you’ve got nothing but the shirt on your back! When it comes to saving a life, don’t risk it. Make sure you’re prepared with the proper supplies. You can search online for First Aid Kits for sale and delivered to your doorstep and many other medical supplies!

If you’re wondering where to buy first aid supplies for any number of contingencies! You’ll be prepared for any medical emergency that stumbles upon the front door of your jamboree. It doesn’t matter if you’re a responsible host who wants the best supplies possible for family and guests, or if you’re an event manager that needs a multitude of supplies for a large-scale event, where you can find First Aid Kits for sale and delivered to your doorstep, and a multitude of all the supplies you’ll need for any medical emergency. read more

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The benefits of having first aid kit at home

Medical emergencies are unexpected. Having a first aid kit at home can do a lot for someone in pain and agony. First aid kits are imperative for homes as they provide the necessary help needed to manage ailments, pains and medical emergencies. Whether someone is facing severe injuries or mild ailments, first aid kit can be effective in numbing the pain and supports the patient as he reaches a clinic or hospital for a more comprehensive medical treatment. You and your household will be able to enjoy myriad of benefits when you buy first aid kits.

Everything in one place

When medical emergencies strike, there is panic and urgency to deliver care to the patient.  There is little time to think as the patient is in agony and pain. When you buy first aid kits for your home, you will be able to find everything in one place.  In medical emergencies you won’t have to wander around to find medications, bandages or ointments among other things.


You will directly go to your first aid kit to administer primary treatment to the patient. The kit should contain essential things that you will need to help someone in pain or if it is an emergency. You will be able to save time, offer quick remedy to the patient and able to find everything within your arm’s reach. 


Make sure that you bring first aid kit home, and store it in a place easily accessible by all the adults at home. This is imperative as a first aid kit is only beneficial if it can be found quickly.

Use it for outdoor activities as well

When you buy first aid kits, you can use them when you are travelling or when your family is participating in outdoor activities. First aid kits are offered in handy kits that can be easily carried out when you plan to travel in your car. In case of accidents on the road or even a burn from a camp fire can be treated before getting professional medical help.

Timely care for serious injuries

One of the biggest advantages of having a first aid kit at your home is that it allows you to treat serious injuries on time. Fracture, gashes and other severe cases of injuries require prompt care and attention. With first aid kit you can help relieve the pain and offer basic medical care that prevents in more complications and the patient can be taken to the hospital far more easily. read more

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What you need to know when getting first aid kits for schools, offices or government building.

When it comes to medical emergencies, first aid kit is the first line of defense against severe medical problems. First aid kits are now part of workplaces, classrooms and play fields, field trips. In fact they are found almost everywhere. The reason is quite simple. You cannot reach hospital or nearest clinic at once and when proper medical care is needed first aid kit is what saves the day. So the main question is how what makes up the perfect first aid kits available for sale to schools, Government and other companies. To help you answer this question we have made a simple checklist so that you can get the perfect first aid kit.


When you are checking your first aid kit pay attention to bandages. Bandages are most used item in your first aid kit. Not only do you need them in times of medical emergency but also they run out fast. It is important that you keep checking the amount of bandages you have and replenish them when you go to the market. There are different kinds of bandages available, make sure you have compress dressing, adhesive bandages, roller bandage along with sterile gauze pads.

Antiseptics and pertinent medications:

First aid kits available for sale to schools, government and other companies come with antiseptics and other medications to help the patient. These are good for treating injuries, burns and to make sure bacteria doesn’t infect the injured area. Make sure your first aid kit is well stocked with antibiotics, antiseptics, and cold compress and hydrocortisone medicines.

Additional items that you should check:

Your first aid kit can have more than standard items. You can for instance add medicines that help with swelling or muscle pains. Some add items according to the needs that they find like a gym teacher may add pain killers, muscle relaxers. Also you can add accessories like gloves, electronic thermometer along with antacids etc. The thing is that the first aid kits available for sale to schools, government and other companies available in the market happen to be standard. Most people simply alter them to have the medicines and accessories that they want to suit their individual needs. read more

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